5% of all proceeds donated to Struggle Creates Strength

Struggle Creates Strength

Struggle Creates Strength is an organization created by mental health advocate Lucas Cullen. We have teamed up with Lucas because we believe in his vision to help and support those in need. Lucas created this organization to allow people to seek immediate help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. His main goal is to open mental health facilities around the world to allow others to get back to being happy and healthy. 100% of the proceeds from the Struggle Creates Strength collection will be donated along with 5% of all sales.

 “I always struggled with mental health, and the times I needed help most were not between the hours of 9-5. My mental health struggles, like most, took over my life and paralyzed my emotions at night time when it was just me. I wish I had a personal and trustworthy environment to utilize when I was struggling. That is ultimately how I came up with the idea for Struggle Creates Strength.

Struggle Creates Strength is a mental health organization that raises awareness to mental health in pursuit of changing the negativity surrounding it. Our organization presents a supportive environment encouraging you to seek the help that you, or someone you know, needs. We provide various avenues to seek the help you need. Resources linking to professional help, talking to our knowledgeable team around the clock, or following our daily tips and tricks are all helpful and very effective ways to get you, or someone you know, to the state of pure happiness.

 Struggle Creates Strength started solely off of my internal drive to help people facing mental health struggles. I have personally struggled with mental health my entire life, so it is a subject that I hold close to my heart. By no means am I a professional on the topic of mental health, but through various personal encounters I have become a very knowledgeable mental health advocate.

I am someone who constantly has a smile engraved on my face, but for a long time it was not genuine. My smile was used to mask the emotional struggles and distress that I was encountering on an everyday basis. I know there is a substantial amount of people who put on the same mask and burry their struggles within themselves.

Ultimately, I created Struggle Creates Strength to prove that EVERYONE HAS A STORY. No two stories are the same, but every story has the potential to help someone else. I want to provide an open and supportive environment where everyone can open up and speak up about their mental health struggles.

It is our hope that Struggle Creates Strength will help spread awareness and end the stigma surrounding mental health.”

-Lucas Cullen (Co-Founder of Struggle Creates Strength Organization)